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494th Fighter Squadron

The 494th FS is a combat-ready F-15E Strike Eagle squadron capable of executing strategic attack, interdiction, and counter air missions in support of USAF/USAFE, United States European Command, and NATO operations.

The squadron employs the full array of air superiority and surface attack munitions to include the most advanced precision-guided weapons in the USAF inventory. The squadron is capable of deploying to any theatre of operations in the world at short notice, day or night.

In February 1992, the squadron took delivery of new aircraft, exchanging the F-111s for the F-15E Strike Eagle. This continued to add to the previous 50 years of flying the air-to-ground mission with one of the most capable multi-role/air-to-ground jets in the current Air Force inventory.

In recent years (along with its sister squadron the 492nd FS), the 494th have participated in numerous deployments to the Middle East, supporting Air Expeditionary units as part of the on-going Global War on Terrorism. With the F-15E, the squadron has taken part in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). In March 2011, the 492nd took part in Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya. The first wave of strikes made by the 48 FW were launched from RAF Lakenheath.